The biVABA (Brain Injury Visual Assessment Battery for Adults)
Based on thirty years of clinical practice and research, the biVABA provides therapists with a practical tool for completing a quick, accurate, reliable, and useful assessment of visual processing ability following adult onset brain injury. The battery focuses on identification of the functional limitations experienced by the client as a result of visual impairment to provide the information needed to develop effective treatment plans.
The battery includes standardized assessments for evaluation of the visual functions important in ensuring that visual perceptual processing is accurately completed:
  • visual acuity (distant and reading)
  • contrast sensitivity function
  • visual field
  • oculomotor function
  • visual attention and scanning
The comprehensive, easy to read, test manual provides:
  • detailed instructions on how to give and interpret each subtest
  • the functional limitations expected if the visual function is impaired
  • how to use test results to write treatment goals
  • how to use test results to design treatment intervention
  • alternative methods for evaluating persons with limited capability to respond
Lightweight and completely portable, the biVABA is designed for use in acute and long term care, home health, and inpatient and outpatient programs with persons who have sustained brain injury from such conditions as CVA, TBI, brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, degenerative neurological diseases and Alzheimer’s. Components of the test also can be used to evaluate low vision conditions associated with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract.
What advantages does the biVABA have over other traditional visual perceptual tests?

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