Pre-Reading & Writing Exercises for Persons with Macular Scotomas
These exercises consist of reproducible worksheet activities designed to provide persons with macular scotomas practice in making the precise eye movements needed to accurately identify letters and numbers and to write legibly on line. The exercises are appropriate for persons with scotomas secondary to neurological impairment (hemianopsia) and retinal disease (macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma).
The pre-reading drills consist of letter and number combinations printed in four different M unit sizes to accommodate acuities ranging as low as 20/200. The exercises emphasize letters and numbers which are easily misread when not seen clearly such as, V and W and 6 and 8. They are intended to increase accuracy in identifying letters and numbers and to increase confidence in reading ability prior to attempting to read actual text. The pre-writing worksheets consist of tracing exercises to promote reintegration of the eye directing the hand in movement.
The exercises can be incorporated within treatment to improve the visual skills needed for reading performance and also be used as homework to supplement treatment programs.
These exercises are available through visABILITIES for the special price of $25.