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The biVABA (Brain Injury Visual Assessment Battery for Adults)
Provides therapists with a practical tool for completing a quick, accurate, reliable, and useful assessment of visual processing ability following adult brain injury.
Pre-Reading and Writing Exercises
A compilation of training exercises designed by Mary Warren PhD, OTR/L, SCLV, FAOTA to improve scanning performance in clients with macular scotomas resulting from hemianopsia and macular diseases.
What and How Does this Child See?
Is a question asked each day by many professionals who work with children with vision impairment and blindness. Lea Hyvärinen, MD, PhD, FAAP, and Namita Jacob, PhD, wrote this book and CD with videos to answer that question.
Suggestions For Starting a Health Care Program in
Low Vision Rehabilitation, Using Occupational Therapy
A practical, comprehensive guide to starting a low vision rehabilitation program.
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